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Bluemont Pet Services

Dog Walkers & Pooper Scoopers


Regular Walking And Waste Removal Will Keep You and Your Pets Happy



Nothing like coming home after a long day to a calm dog and a clean yard to play in. We can customize your dog's daily walk to fit your busy schedule. The process is quick and easy.

There is no need to be at home for our pooper scooper service. We will clean your yard at pre-scheduled times, remove the pet waste and leave the bag as directed for the next trash pick-up. Don't want to deal with the bag? No problem, we can take that out with us for an additional charge of $3.00.


Services We Offer

Dog Walking

we offer reliable daily dog walking services

Bluemont Pet Services provides daily walks for your pets. These are done from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Each walk usually ranges from 20 to 40 minutes. It can be customized to your instructions, or we can just let them play in the yard with their favorite toys.

We offer free consultation visits to make sure that your pets are comfortable with their new walking buddy. During our meeting, we will discuss the length of walks and your preferred route and timeframe. The walks we do are prescheduled with specific times the walk will occur.

Our most popular service is our 20-minute dog walking, and it costs $15 per visit. You may add $3 for your second pet. But you may customize the length of the walk. All you need to do is add another $3.00 for each additional 10 minutes of walk time.

Pet Waste Removal 

We’re Your Pooper Scoopers to the Rescue

Enjoy a clean yard without stepping on it with help from Bluemont Pet Services. We’ll come to your home and thoroughly tidy up the pet waste in your yard on prescheduled days. You don’t have to be in your house as long as we can access the area to be cleaned. Your pets can also stay out with us.

This service is preformed during week days. The charge varies depending on the number of dogs. See the chart below. Just let us know the area to be cleaned and where to leave the waste bag. Don't want to deal with the waste bag? No Problem. We can take the bag with us for an additional $3.00 service charge. Please be reminded that there may be a $30.00 first-time fee if the yard has not been cleaned for a while.

Pet Waste Removal Rates

Choose from below the level of service that best fits your needs. Then Call or email us to establish your regular cleaning day. 

Number of Pets

Once a Week

Twice a Week

Thrice a Week





$15 per Visit

$18 per Visit

$21 per Visit

$23 per Visit

$13 per Visit

$15 per Visit

$18 per Visit

$20 per Visit

$11 per Visit

$14 per Visit

$16 per Visit

$18 per Visit

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